This is to inform interested contestants that registration for all contests was opened on 30th December 2020 and was launched on 14th January 2021. Note: This is an online contest where winners are determined by the number of vote/ like and  an interested contestant who wishes to participate in the 2021 Birthday Showers Online Contest is advised to follow the following steps:

  • Visit, navigate to the contest menu, and click on your month of birth. Check the current amount you are required to pay. Note: Monthly Birthday Showers Contest for the year 2021 Registration fee: Warning: This content is limited to the number of contestants, meaning that contest registration of each month can be closed on or before the end of the official closing date. 
  • Navigate to your month of your birth contest page to upload a digital picture. Note: For reservation, kindly register on time before we reach the maximum contestants needed for each month. You can still change your picture before the contest is declared open. Warning: Winners must present their birth certificate to claim their prizes and you can not change your picture if you registered a month to the contest and make sure you submit accurate information with a valid email address and phone number (Details submitted in your profile will serve as personal data for all contest applications).
  • You will get a notification from the admin via call or email once your picture is approved and other details will be communicated to you via your email address.
  • After successful approval of your picture, visit  or  and like/ follow us.
  • Same processes are applicable to other contests (Happy Babies, Face of the Year etc.).
  • To appear on the home page as Face of the month photo contestants, you must get maximum likes on pictures via any of our social media accounts.
  • Read through contest terms and conditions before you make payment or submit your application.

HAPPY BABIES SEASON 1 CONTEST. Note: Contestants must be between the age of 1 – 3 years.  Free.

2021 FACE OF THE YEAR.  Note: Contestants must be above 18 years. Registration fee: ₦2000, Late entry: ₦4,000.

For any further questions, kindly call +2348079982261

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